[Quorum Feature] - Crypto Papi

Who is Crypto Papi?

Crypto Papi is everyone…he’s in everyone’s heart. Want to risk it all and find a way to make it big? Do you aim to be curious, financially literate, and aware of how the world works? That’s Crypto Papi. Crypto Papi is learning how you can profit from knowledge crypt (with a little flare too). 

What was your inspiration for the Crypto Papi persona?

Kudos to Drake…I love Drake. Crypto Papi aims to be the Drake of Crypto. We’re bringing the same Drake vibes to the blockchain!

How did you get so involved in crypto? What is it about crypto that intrigues you so much? 

The classic answer is being able to empower people who are unbanked and unable to access the same financial infrastructure in developed countries. Take a country like Rwanda, entrepreneurs could be able to use the blockchain to create a business where stability might not exist–it’s an alternative to the monetary system of your country and a tool for people to connect around the world.

What’s your prediction for Bitcoin and crypto in the future? Are you Hodling? 

Hell yea I’m hodling. Bitcoin is going to 1 million dollars. Why? It will absorb all financial instruments. Top tier cryptocurrencies will survive. Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche are likely to survive. Taking profits out along the way is especially important…and it’s always profits ;) 

What’s your relationship with coffee? 

Coffee helps me explore and meet new people.When I go to new cities I always go to coffee shops near my hotel to find a local crowd and get a feel for a neighborhood.

[Crypto Papi interjects] You’re not gonna ask how I like my coffee? What the fuck?

I’m particular with my coffee, and I like it strong. I use a chemex for the lighter roasted bean and I’m very precise. 700g water for 50g coffee. Stir in a circular motion. 4:30 minutes seconds from start to finish and voila. 

What does the merger of coffee and crypto look like? 

The link between crypto and coffee is community. Coffee and crypto both give you the feeling you can do anything, too. It’s the same feeling when you drink coffee and when you buy a token that goes up…we’re all gonna moon!

What’s one thing people misunderstand about Crypto Papi?

They misunderstand how hard I work! People think I just party, but that’s partially true. 

How do you maintain a lifestyle and career that sees you travel around the world constantly? 

I really try to keep the same routine abroad as I have at home. I always carry around the same items in a backpack and maintain a consistent discipline. It helps to find exercises you can do in hotels and everywhere in the world. 

What projects are you involved in right now?

Can you keep a secret? It’s a NFT gaming startup. 

Where can we go to find out more about you and your work?

Substack: https://substack.com/profile/434322-the-crypto-papi

Instagram: @cpapiboue 

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