Coffee with Purpose

Coffee with Purpose

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Coffee with Purpose

At Quorum Coffee, we believe enjoying great coffee should be easy, affordable, and come with great and meaningful perks.

Our story began on a trip around the Pacific, where we toured several local coffee roasters and fell in love with succulent flavors of single-origin, locally grown coffee. Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if we could combine the unique and artisan characteristics of family-grown coffee with the community and vibe of a neighborhood coffee shop? And thus Quorum was born.

Since our inception we pledged to not be just another coffee company, and we mean it. Sure our coffee is delicious and savory, but we believe coffee is only the beginning of our mission, not the end goal.

But what mission is that you ask? We envision a coffee renaissance, where drinking a cup with a friend or a stranger once again becomes a springboard for conversation, ideas, and knowledge. Quorum Coffee is that vision. Let’s create a new take on coffee culture and start something beautiful together. One cup at a time.

Our Commitment

Premium Coffee

Coffee of the highest quality, we wouldn’t drink anything less

Great Value

Direct-to-Consumer savings passed on to you. A little profit be damned

Community Invested

We put our time, money, and coffee back into our community

Mission Driven

Create a coffee renaissance + all those other things

Coffee. Culture.

Quorum Coffee Whole Bean Roast

Medium-Dark Roasted to Perfection

We've partnered with a fifth-generation, single-origin specialty coffee grower in Indonesia. After growing under the island sun in the lush volcanic highlands the coffee is roasted in Los Angeles, California before being shipped to your doorstep. Bold but fruitful, robust yet approachable, creamy and oh so smooth. And...our coffee packs more punch than a shot of plastic bottle vodka. Coffee to the People is perfect for every occasion.




Coffee. Culture.

Coffee with Purpose

We believe great coffee is more than a drink, it’s an experience. That’s why we built a digital coffee shop to compliment the glorious drink in your hands, sans the crowded couches and ‘closing early’ signs. You can expect Quorum round table discussions, music performances, fireside coffee chats, and more.

Check our website and social media regularly to see what’s coming up next.

Social coffee with friends

Meet the Quorum Team

Brad Moylan

Coffee Style: Black

Chris Arkin

Coffee Style: Espresso

Peter Petrovics

Coffee Style: Cappucino

Nathan Mass

Coffee Style: Cold Brew