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Quorum is our regularly scheduled discussion where we share and engage with new ideas across our community. The session kicks off with a quick chat with our featured artist and leads into a table topic discussion before wrapping up with Q&A.

It’s a fun and engaging get-together for the Quorum community, and it’s all over in 30 minutes. Bring an open mind and be prepared to hear novel ideas: this is not a safe space!

Upcoming Events

You Should Give a F*ck about Classical Music [February 10th, 2022]

Impolite to Listen gets some classical music off their chest

Undercover Author [May 24th, 2022]

Author Michael Hughes spills the beans

My Name is Crypto Papi [May 31st, 2022]

Introducing the Drake of Cryptocurrency

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Can we not with latte art?

Art shouldn’t disappear in a second. Nor do I care to

Apologies in advance to the latte art lovers out there, I’m not one of you. I consider myself an aesthetic person, I dress decently well, I appreciate art...I just draw the line with art that is consumable.

All things being equal I would prefer my beverage to look like a Monét or Van Gogh. But things never are equal. That extra little design, the barista’s intense focus to perfectly execute a heart of milk foam...yea, that takes time. And I’ve timed it. 21 seconds, 17 seconds, 32 seconds. Add up just those last three times and over a minute of my life is gone. Do you have any idea what I could’ve done with that minute? Ask my wife.

- Anonymous

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