Occasionally Asked Questions

Question: How’d you find the beans?
Answer: Years of global coffee drinking experience and research helped us identify what we perceive as the world’s best coffee. With that knowledge, we sampled dozens of beans from small shops with direct connections to coffee plantations. And then we found the one we loved. For our inaugural first roast we wanted something everyone could enjoy but also unique, flavorful, and original. Simply put: if you like coffee, you’ll like this.

Question: Should I french press or filter brew this coffee?
Answer: Ah yes, the age-old debate. We specifically chose a roast level that tastes amazing regardless of brewing method. This was a critical part of our evaluation process, since each of the co-founders take their coffee differently. So this part’s totally up to you!

Question: What makes our coffee so special?
Answer: The combination of taste, texture, and effect. Most coffees are bitter to the taste, too watery, or just don't taste great on their own. We'd like to think ours is great by itself, with milk, sugar, or however you like it. It's incredible durable for pour over, french press, cold brew, and even espresso if you grind it fine enough. Plus, all coffee ships with love.
Question: Coffee Culture? What's that?
Answer: Quorum Coffee sits at the intersection of premium coffee and all the experiences delicious coffee can unlock. Check out our website and social media for opportunities to interact with your fellow coffee connoisseurs.

Question: What is Quorum?
Answer: Quorum is our regularly scheduled discussion where we share and engage with new ideas across our community.

Question: I have something to say. How do I get featured?
Answer: We're glad to hear it. Send your submission to chris@quorumcoffee.com with a tidbit about what makes you unique.
Question: Why the name "Quorum Coffee?"
Answer: Quorum: /ˈkwôrəm/ Noun - The minimum number of members of a society that must be present to make the functions of that society valid.

At Quorum, we’re building more than just a coffee company. Sure, we humbly believe we sell the finest, fairly priced coffee beans around but coffee culture starts, not stops, with the first cup. We are building a community of coffee enthusiasts, music lovers, art aficionados, and connoisseurs of all the good stuff in life. With culture, coffee, and community as our goal, Quorum Coffee was the perfect name. Also the domain was available.

Question: How long does shipping take?
Answer: 3-4 business days from the time of your order will usually do it. Don’t worry, our coffee bags are air-tight and won’t lose their freshness! And there’s nothing like opening a fresh bag of coffee :)

Question: What's the Coffee Experience?
Answer: It's our loyalty program--and the best coffee loyalty on the internet. Not only do you get discounted coffee delivered to your doorstep, you get access to a community of artists, musicians, free thinkers, exclusive events, and stylish merch.